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Profix® PLUS Panel
Low-Profile Water
Underfloor Heating

The Profix® PLUS Panel is a pipe retention panel designed for warm water underfloor heating systems. Different in design to the standard Profix® Panel, the Profix® PLUS Panel is made for 14mm to 17mm diameter pipe, making it particularly suitable for larger floor areas. Manufactured in the UK from 100% recycled plastic, the panel measures just 20mm - making it an excellent solution for low-profile warm-water underfloor heating systems.
As with all Profix® products, the Profix® PLUS Water Underfloor Heating Floor Panel includes high-quality components that provide reliability and ease of installation. Designed with a high compressive strength, the Panel is self-adhesive backed, enabling fast installation in both retrofit and new build constructions.

Each Profix® PLUS Panel measures 1200mm x 600mm x 20mm and features multiple water pipe retention clips to secure the 14mm-17mm diameter pipe in place. In addition, special locking features fasten the panels together.


    • Panel size: 1200mm x 600mm
    • Total panel height: 20mm
    • Pipe diameter: 14mm – 17mm
    • Material: 100% Recycled Plastic



Manufactured in the
UK from 100% recycled


Can easily be cut to size
thanks to specially formed
V-shaped grooves


Pipes held securely by
multiple pipe retention clips
in every panel


Suitable for systems using
a thin flowing screed or
as a dry-fit solution


Self-adhesive backing
reduces need for mechanical
fixings (screws)


Multiple fixing points allow
additional mechanical fixings
to be used if required


Panels interlock together
via unique interlocking


Robust strength protects
pipes from foot traffic during

What sub-floors is the Profix® PLUS Panel compatible with?

Solid Floor
Underfloor Heating

The 20mm Profix® PLUS Panel for 14mm to 17mm diameter pipes enables a high efficiency warm-water underfloor heating system to be installed on a solid floor with, depending on the specific system chosen, the underfloor heating pipework arranged in either a spiral (counterflow) configuration or a serpentine configuration.

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Suspended Timber Floor
Underfloor Heating

The 20mm Profix® PLUS Panel for 14mm to 17mm diameter pipes can be installed on a suspended timber floor to create a high performance warm-water underfloor heating solution.

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Acoustic Floor
Underfloor Heating

When combined with a thin compressed rubber acoustic isolation mat, the 20mm Profix® PLUS Panel for 14mm to 17mm diameter pipes can be used as an integral part of a warm-water underfloor heating solution, on separating solid floors or separating timber suspended floors, with the added benefit of impact noise reduction.

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The Profix® PLUS Underfloor Heating Panel is suitable for the following building projects


Underfloor heating for new builds

Warm-water underfloor heating is a cost-effective, energy efficient space heating solution for new build properties.

With their self-adhesive backing and interlocking features, Profix® PLUS underfloor heating panels are very quick to install and guarantee the UFH pipework is always positioned at the correct spacing.

Incorporating a Profix® PLUS low-temperature warm-water underfloor heating system in a new build property, powered by a heat pump, will provide a ‘future-proofed’ space heating solution complying with the requirements of The Future Homes Standard and The Future Buildings Standard.

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Underfloor heating for renovations

With its large surface area, a warm-water underfloor heating system can be an ideal space heating solution for retrofit projects.

At just 20mm in height, and with the added benefit of a self-adhesive backing, Profix® PLUS underfloor heating panels offer a thin, fast-fix solution.

The self-adhesive backing on every 20mm Profix® PLUS Panel removes the risk of mechanical fixings compromising any hidden services within the existing sub-floor and, thanks to their very low profile, result in only a minimal increase to the current floor height.

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Underfloor Heating by Customer Type

    • Reduced bills – Save energy by installing low temperature underfloor heating
    • Minimal increase to existing floor heights thanks to low profile
    • Faster response than standard warm-water underfloor heating systems
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    • Installation can easily be carried out by a single installer
    • Panels can be cut to size using just a Stanley knife
    • Self-adhesive backing enables quicker installation
    • Robustness of the panels protects the pipe from foot traffic during installation
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    • Significant contributor to energy efficient and environmentally responsible design
    • Lower overall maintenance costs for owners compared to other heating types
    • Reduced time and labour costs due to quick installation
    • ‘Future-proofed’ low temperature heating solution with heat pumps
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    • ‘Future-proofed’ low temperature heating solution with heat pumps
    • Fast-fix installation
    • Ideal for both new build and retrofit projects
    • Quicker to warm up than standard warm-water  underfloor heating systems
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    • Ideal for customers needing a low-profile, high heat output solution
    • Ideal for use as part of a low temperature / low carbon wet underfloor heating system powered by a heat pump
    • Easy install features – self-adhesive backing, multiple pipe retention features, fully interlocking panels
    • Can be installed on solid floors, suspended timber floors, and as an integral part of an acoustic floor treatment
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