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Underfloor Heating in Renovation Projects

While it is generally easier and cheaper to install underfloor heating in a new build, it can also be installed as part of a retrofit solution. Installing underfloor heating in existing houses is becoming increasingly common as homeowners look to make cost effective and carbon friendly heating choices.

Profix® and Profix® PLUS Panels have been specifically designed with ease of installation, combined with market-leading performance, central to their use in retrofit warm-water underfloor heating projects. In particular, the 15mm thickness of the Profix® Panel (for 10mm to 12mm diameter pipes) and the 20mm thickness of the Profix® PLUS Panel (for 14mm to 17mm diameter pipes) results in a very low floor build-up when installed on an existing floor.

Installing Underfloor Heating in Existing Houses

Installing underfloor heating in existing homes using either the Profix® panel or the Profix® PLUS panel is simple and cost effective. These patented, high strength, low-profile warm-water underfloor heating panels can be installed on both existing concrete floors and suspended timber floors, making them especially suitable for use on retrofit underfloor heating projects where minimal build-up to the current floor height is important. Our low-profile underfloor heating solutions are designed to minimise floor build-up, which is often  the primary concern on retrofit projects.

Once the low-profile panels have been laid onto an existing floor, the underfloor heating pipes are simply clipped into the panels where they are held securely in place by the multiple pipe retention clips present in every panel. Depending on which particular Profix® or Profix® PLUS system is chosen, a range of different floor coverings can be applied, – including tiles or stone, engineered wood or laminate, and carpet or vinyl.


    • Low profile
    • Robust patented design
    • Material: 100% recycled plastic
    • Protects the UFH pipework during installation


Even heat distribution with no cold spots as heat radiates gently upwards from the entire heated floor surface

More control over individual room temperatures due to the ability to zone

Minimal build-up to existing floor height with no need to dig up existing floors

Reduced running costs due to lower water temperature than conventional radiators

Minimal disruption with self-adhesive panels laid directly onto the existing sub-floor

‘Future-proofed’ low carbon space heating solution when combined with a heat pump

Works with all floor coverings – Tiles & Stone, Wood & Laminate, Carpet & Vinyl

Effortless to run – needs virtually no ongoing maintenance

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