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Read What Our Customers Have To Say

We are always grateful for feedback or testimonials, whether you are a Homeowner, Plumber/Installer, Developer, Architect, or one of our current Stockists/Resellers

There’s a lot of other underfloor heating panels out there but none of them match up to yours for quality. I’ve stopped using the others.


We’ve used your Profix® panels for more than five years now and never had any problems reported back to us by our customers.

Underfloor Heating Installer

So pleased to see something this well put together is manufactured in the UK, and from recycled plastic.


We told our underfloor heating installer about your Profix® PLUS panel. He was originally going to use another product but we preferred yours, so we insisted. Now he’s a convert!


We used your Profix® PLUS Pipe in Screed system as part of an acoustic underfloor heating solution on a change-of-use project (offices → student accommodation) and we will definitely be using it again.

Screeder/Underfloor Heating Installer

The Profix® Ultra-Low Profile Screed System is my ‘go to’ thin floor heating solution, especially if a heat pump is involved


We chose the Profix® screed system because we wanted to use a heat pump and needed a thin solution as part of our house refurbishment. The promised heat outputs looked good and we haven’t been disappointed.


I think the design of your panels is the best I’ve come across


Prices are great, quality is consistently good, service is the best.

Underfloor Heating Supplier & Installer

We are pleased to let you know that once again you are a top 1% supplier in our annual quality assessment.


That’s excellent. Our order volumes are picking up so we should have more orders coming your way very soon.

Underfloor Heating Designer & Contractor

Fantastic service, many thanks.

Underfloor Heating Designer & Supplier

Brilliant – that’s a massive help because our customer was desperate for them. We really appreciate all your efforts.

Underfloor Heating Supplier & Installer

Thanks for your help sorting this; sorry if I sounded a bit stressed on the phone. You’ve really helped us out yet again!

National Underfloor Heating Supplier

Thank you so much for turning this order around so quickly, our customer is very grateful.

Online Retailer