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Underfloor Heating in New Build Projects

The most cost-effective way to install wet underfloor heating in a new build residential property is at the design stage. Underfloor heating in new build developments has become an increasingly desirable feature for home buyers. Not only can a Profix® or Profix® PLUS warm-water underfloor heating system provide a more energy efficient space heating solution in terms of running costs, but when combined with a heat pump it can become an integral part of a low temperature / low carbon heating and domestic hot water solution complying with the requirements of the Future Homes Standard and The Future Buildings Standard.

Both Profix® and Profix® PLUS Panels are ideal products for use as part of a ‘future-proofed’ low-profile warm-water underfloor heating system in new build constructions,  providing high heat outputs even at low water temperatures, resulting in more efficient space heating with reduced running costs for homeowners.

Installing warm-water underfloor heating in a new build is simpler than in a renovation project. With a new build there are more options when it comes to installing underfloor heating as you are selecting a system to work specifically with the designed floor structure and levels, as opposed to retrofitting onto either a concrete or suspended timber floor already in place in an existing home.

Both the Profix® and Profix® PLUS Panels can be used as part of a new build warm-water underfloor heating solution installed on either solid floors, suspended timber floors, or as part of an acoustic floor solution.


    • Guarantees consistent pipe centres
    • Robust patented design
    • Material 100% recycled plastic
    • Protects UFH pipework


Greater design flexibility as walls remain free from radiators

Even heat distribution with no cold spots as heat radiates gently upwards from the entire heated floor surface

More control over individual room temperatures due to the ability to zone

Reduced running costs due to lower water temperature than conventional radiators

‘Future-proofed’ low carbon space heating solution when combined with a heat pump

Works with all floor coverings – Tiles & Stone, Wood & Laminate, Carpet & Vinyl

Effortless to run – needs virtually no ongoing maintenance

Ease of installation – self-adhesive panels with interlocking features for rapid installation

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